Key services of SAMS Consulting CJSC


Strategic Corporate Intelligence for Investors in Armenia:


We collect, study and analyze information about markets, people and business environment to satisfy the information needs of our clients related to their investment projects.


Strategic Business Planning: We assist in documenting our clients’ business plans, so that it is clear and realistic for its potential users.

Feasibility Studies: Whether you contemplate starting a new business or investing in a new product or service line, we assist you in assessing the suitability of your new venture to your organization and its situation, feasibility in terms of usefulness and competencies and acceptability to relevant stakeholder groups.

Project Management Consulting: assisting you from developing appropriate project plan to supervision of project components (e.g. acting as a financial agent, acting as a monitoring and evaluation agent).

Project Funding Assistance (USD 10M and more)


Financial planning

Financial Modeling: there may be a number of benefits in having a reliable financial model of your business, which will help in optimization of cash flows and relationships with financial institutions, tax planning and identification of areas of weak performance.

Assistance in Finding Sources of Finance: We study the specific situation and needs of our clients in financing and assist them in determining and finding appropriate sources of finance.

Due Diligence Assistance: whether you intend to enter a financing, a merger and acquisition transaction, acquire a business or sell your business we assist you in understanding the real financial, market, operational, tax and regulatory position of your target and assess potential effects of the determined risks. We also perform procedures determined by our clients on specific  areas of interest.


Internal Audit Outsourcing: we perform internal audit procedures determined by our clients to fill the possible temporary gap in their capabilities (available staff, specific financial specialization, regulatory compliance, internal conflicts of interest and etc.).

Internal Control System Review: we study the Strategic Objectives of our clients and determine the Risks related to reaching those objectives, we review Business Processes and the implemented controls and provide recommendations to improve the processes.

Business Process Improvement: if you feel that your business suffers from inefficiencies of processes, there are many repeating activities, the communication between various process owners may need to be improved and your business may need an external view on your processes we may assist you. We study the Business Processes, identify the inefficiencies in the current processes and recommend appropriate changes to the organization, processes and management information systems to improve the processes.

Business Performance Management: we study the Strategic Objectives of our clients, determine the Critical Success Factors for reaching those objectives and appropriate Key Performance Indicators and recommend an appropriate system to manage the achievement of Strategic Objectives by your organization.

Information Systems Review, Selection and Implementation Assistance(including ERP): We study the As-Is Business Processes in your organization and your information needs and recommend appropriate To-Be Processes which will meet your information needs. We develop functional and detailed requirements specifications to the future information systems and stand-by our clients up until selection and implementation of the system.